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Follow a water cure why ?

You suffer from chronic diseases?You wish to protect your healthy living?

The thermal medicine allows to relieve durably your pains and to find a better quality of life.

In the natural environment of Bagnoles de l’Orne, it is a real moment to get fresh ideas to you. During 3 weeks, live at the rate of water cures. The medical properties of the thermal water of Bagnoles are proved true particularly effective in the treatment of the rheumatisms, as well as phlébologie and gynecology..

B' O Thermes benefits from an enjoyment(approval) recognized by the Ministry of Health. The Health insurance allows,on prescription the refund of your cure.

According to your health and your pathologies thermal doctor, determines your treatment program and of care and the therapeutic orientation of your cure. This one can be unique ( rheumatology, phlébologie Or gynecology) or doubles to increase the effects of your cure

4 or 6 Thermal care per day will be lavished on you, leaving you a daily half-day of rest, or leisure activities with one Cultural exits or activities.

For in great shape year, pass by Bagnoles de l’Orne !

How to book

How to prepare your cure?

To reserve and to prepare your cure is very simple. It is enough to follow some following stages. If however you need help, do not hesitate to call us to 0811 90 22 33 *, we shall answer any question. (*prix of a local call)

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How can I be refunded for my Thermal Treatment Programme (in France)?

For your thermal treatment programme to be covered by your health insurance provider, you'll just need to send them your « thermal treatment programme cover questionnaire » together with your income declaration form.

My state-funded treatment programme

cure conventionnee

Did you know that thermal medicine is perfect for you too...

To invest in your health, prevent problems, recover from an accident, find sustainable relief for joint pains, back pain or heaviness in your legs...

Rheumatology, Vein treatment, Gynaecology, Visit Bagnoles de l'Orne!

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Wherever from you come, Cars of the Orne is very easily accessible by the road. Since Paris, the train and the shuttles represent the means of the safest(surest) and most restful accesses..

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