Health care establishment


Two health care establishments are proposed to you to realize your medical cure.

B'O thermes : Thermal subsidized thermal center of medicine, big establishment any comfort, opened in the morning and the afternoons, paramedical integrated services(chiropodist, pedicurist, orthopedist)

B'O spa thermal: A space of cure in the unique refinement, opened in 2012. Subsidized thermal center of medicine, establishment orders opened in the morning only, high level of comfort and services, all the care to the same floor, the offered exclusive care.

B'O Spa Thermal

At B'O Thermal Spa, discover a relaxation and treatment centre in a unique, sophisticated setting. A spa is a haven of well-being and water treatments that takes its name from the Latin Sanitas Per Aquam "health through water". When combined with the properties of the water at Bagnoles de l'Orne, the medical effects are unrivalled!

B'O Thermes

The very functional B'O Thermes complex, can be accessed at the state-funded rate.