Water and treatments with exceptional benefits

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Only health resort of the quarter northwest of France, Cars of the Orne associates for your health the exceptional virtues of its spring water and the know-how of his nursing staff who is at the same time thoughtful and highly qualified.

Our thermal cure center is moreover officially recognized as certified training center and is authorized to freeNational certification of Professional qualification of Thermal Agent
There are various types of cures, answering a program of care specialized and adapted to your needs prescribed by your thermal doctor.

Whatever is your treatment program, you are in good hands with us!

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The Bagnoles de l'Orne water

Source in the legendary powers formerly, Be virtues of the mineral water of Cars of the Orne associated with those of his oceanic climate, guarantee you a real stay of oxygenation, also relaxing that toning up, and so contribute to the improvement of your health, notamment en Rheumatology, Vein treatmentand gynecology.

The treatments

Your health in good hands

The secret of the Bagnoles de l'Orne thermal treatment programmes also lies in the wide range of exceptionally high-quality treatments, its perfectly maintained equipment and, even more importantly, the expertise of its motivated staff offering a high standard of care.

Guide to osteoarthritis


Find in this guide all the information on the disease and the treatment of the degenerative osteoarthritis.
And also discover our water cure "degenerative osteoarthritis".



The benefactions of water cures with Cars of the Orne, it is the persons having hydrotherapy who speak about it best! Discover their diverse testimonies and make us share your experiences. Because it is by listening to you that we improve constantly the quality of our care and our welcome!

Doctors' area

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General practitioners, rheumatologists, phlebologists, gynecologists, find all the useful information on our water cures: their efficiency, their indications, their progress, how to prescribe them and all the questions you ask yourselves.

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