Phléb'O 6-day mini treatment programmes


6 days to get in shape with our O' de Forme packages* at the B'O Thermal Spa

Your legs will regain their lightness thanks to our special treatments: walking corridor, spray for the limbs, localised jet shower, etc. 24 treatments including 1 Kneipp session(1) and 1 vein treatment session(1)


(1)Hydrojet : Lying on your back on a warm and flexible mattress, jets of hot water massage you, relaxing your muscles. This treatment has numerous preventive and/or curative properties, and is the ideal complement to your medical treatment programme.

(2)Kneipp session : Localised shower for the lower limbs. The treatment alternates between a spray of hot mineral water (36 °C) and cold mineral water (18 °C) in fine droplets on your legs. This makes them feel lighter and stimulates circulation.