B'O Spa Thermal

At B'O Thermal Spa, discover a relaxation and treatment centre in a unique, sophisticated setting. A spa is a haven of well-being and water treatments that takes its name from the Latin Sanitas Per Aquam "health through water". When combined with the properties of the water at Bagnoles de l'Orne, the medical effects are unrivalled!

B'O Thermal Spa also provides every comfort, in addition to quality treatments: two relaxation rooms, tea rooms, interior design inspired by the best of what nature has to offer here in Normandy... with a personal welcome and thoughtful assistance with whatever you need. Spa treatments can be added to your treatment programme schedule, because there is nothing like B'O water for your health!

The procedures for the thermal treatments comply with the national thermal resort agreement. 

Benefits and exclusive services :

For a gentle, pleasurable treatment programme

• A small and friendly space that welcomes and supports spa-goers individually
• Thermal treatments only available in the morning and on the same floor for a peaceful stay

• Free access to the Thermal Spa activities :
> Thermal water steam room

> Sauna
> Black-light relaxation room

> Relaxation room

> Tearoom

• Free access to the activities at the B'O Résidence des Thermes, even if you are not resident there.
• A B'O welcome gift
• A range of designer bathrobes and linen changed each day
• The designer bag, shower cap, sandals and a cushion for bathtub treatments are provided free of charge.

You receive 2 spa treatments free of charge* during your treatment programme, to be chosen from :

Massaging bed : Lying on your back on a warm and flexible mattress, jets of hot water massage you, relaxing your muscles.

Kneipp session : Localised shower for the lower limbs, alternating between hot (36 °C) and cold (18 °C) mineral water to improve circulation.

Thalaxion with vein treatment or slimming or anti-cellulite option : While you lie in a bath with your pelvis and legs covered, jets are sprayed at your hips, legs and thighs. Detoxifying.

Gentle gym : A qualified trainer will lead you through exercises that are fully adapted to your level of fitness, toning your muscles.

*Subject to availability.