Thermal water with specific benefits for women.

The thermal treatment from the gynaecology programme works effectively to treat hormonal imbalance.

It allows a wide range of feminine illnesses to be treated:

  • Chronic pelvic pain: post-inflammatory, post-operative, cyclic, venous insufficiency or critical pains.
  • Female infertility, with the first indication following inflammation in the fallopian tubes, which is not attributable to surgery and is sometimes associated with irregular ovulation and luteal insufficiency.
  • Post-operative thermal treatment after tubular surgery is still recommended as a course of treatment.
  • Hormonal disorders associated with puberty.



  • Relief of pelvic pains
  • Gentle rebalancing of hormones with radon



In 2012, 55 % of our spa-goers took a combined course of treatment for improved effectiveness.

Discuss it with your doctor!