The benefactions of water cures with Cars of the Orne, it is the persons having hydrotherapy who speak about it best! Discover their diverse testimonies and make us share your experiences. Because it is by listening to you that we improve constantly the quality of our care and our welcome!

Mrs FLEURIOT (92) - De-stress treatment programme

I came to Bagnoles de l'Orne with my son at the end of July for the "De-stress" programme, and I must say that we were delighted with our stay
We enjoyed the treatments, the quality of the equipment, its cleanliness and the kindness of the staff. Special thanks, in particular, to the lady in the cloakrooms who welcomed us in such a warm and friendly way, putting us in a good mood for the whole day.
Best regards,


Danièle, 65 years - Varicose vein treatment

I had my first treatment programme when I was 40 for venous insufficiency. I had a vein tonic treatment and my mother had her veins removed. At the end of my first treatment programme, I no longer had pain in my legs
I don't have varicose veins now, and I can go without medicine for four to five months following a treatment programme. It's an enormous comfort!
Furthermore, going through the programme doesn't just mean having the treatments. I listen to my body during those three weeks, and I de-stress. I take advantage of the additional treatments on offer, like the massages with hot stones, and the conferences on healthy living. Of course, I spend €600 each time on accommodation, but that doesn't stop me from coming back. I've even brought my daughter!


Mr GOUTENBERG - rheumatism / rheumatology treatment programme

Dear Sir/Madam,

Testimony from a spa-goer suffering from an acute phase of deforming rheumatoid arthritis. At nearly 84 years of age (7 March 1924), operations on my two artificial hips have resulted in a mobility impairment with a permanent disability rate of 90 %, recognised by COTOREP, meaning that I can only walk with the help of two crutches fitted with plastic bracelets wrapped around my forearms. Recently I've found myself having to remove the right-hand crutch, as the intolerable pain meant I couldn't use it any longer.I decided to try the thermal treatment programme that works exclusively with the benefits of clay mud. I had two daily treatments over two weeks: multiple localised mud wrap and single localised mud wrap (mud hands). My phalangeal joints lost their stiffness and I can now bend them almost normally, which should allow me to use my left crutch to get about, at my own pace of course. I would like to add that the pure chlorophyll-filled fresh air of this region is an important factor for people living in the city, the Paris area in my case.



The glory of Bagnoles... Well, today I'm arriving for a treatment programme at Bagnoles for the third time. It's like a new adventure every year, as there are some details that change each time. It is a lovely town, a beautiful thermal resort, and the warm welcome alone is enough to make you feel better. The invigorating, cleansing water brings back the well-being which gets lost over time. I like to feel like I'm on holiday, in addition to all the wonderful treatments which make us feel so good. Wide stretches of greenery, a very pretty part of France, and such welcoming people... It really is just what we need. Of all the regions of our beautiful country, we keep coming back to this one, because it's good for us, of course. Its water and clay work so well together, making us feel well again, and able to completely let go. As well as that, we learn so many new things that we pick up here and there, by chance, when we are here. It is like a reward for all the travelling. Mental therapy... a memory to treasure forever. So, thank you Bagnoles de l'Orne, for all of this. You really do deserve our praise; we can't wait to go back, no matter how far we have to travel, you do us so much good. I hope you all take care of yourselves as well. A special thanks goes to the mayor, who is behind all these these wonderful results. I present my truly sincere compliments to you. MANAGER OF BAGNOLES... a truly thermodynamic title !!!