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Doctors' area

Espace medecin

General practitioners, rheumatologists, phlebologists, gynecologists, find all the useful information on our water cures: their efficiency, their indications, their progress, how to prescribe them and all the questions you ask yourselves.

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Spreads micro air bubbles from the bottom of the bathtub, providing gentle stimulation with a calming and softening effect.

jeudi, 27 juin 2013 10:56

Walking corridor


0.75 m depth. To improve muscular efficiency, reabsorb excess fluid and make joints supple again.

jeudi, 27 juin 2013 10:56

General jet shower


Performed with jets of water, with a stimulating and toning, or healing and relaxing action, with set parameters for the temperature, duration and strength of the jets.

jeudi, 27 juin 2013 10:56

Mud wrap

Illutation de boue

Application of thermal mud on different areas of the body. Encourages the transfer of beneficial elements from the thermal water. Healing and relaxing.

jeudi, 27 juin 2013 10:56

Movement pool


Various movements performed in the pool. Objective: maintain or rediscover movement in your joints.

jeudi, 27 juin 2013 10:56

Facial spray


Gentle and effective peel. Calming and softening.

jeudi, 27 juin 2013 10:56



The most important part of the treatment programme, provided in a deep bathtub. Works through water pressure and transcutaneous exchanges. Calming and relaxing.

jeudi, 27 juin 2013 10:56

Affusion underwater massage


Performed under a shower of thermal water, and completed by a massage carried out by an approved physiotherapist (for the underwater massage only). Relaxing or healing, as required.

jeudi, 27 juin 2013 10:56



Required after a long treatment session. Relax and refresh yourself in a light, quiet, calming place. These treatments are arranged according to your medical prescription.