jeudi, 27 juin 2013 10:56

Working treatment programme

cure active

Discover the "working treatment programme"

Do you have a demanding job? It can easily be combined with a thermal medicine treatment programme!

The opening hours of the B'O Thermes are designed to fit around your diary, whether before or after work.

Did you know that thermal medicine is perfect for you too...


6 days to recover all your vitality

A soothing treatment programme for all those who suffer from back pain or who wish to recover serenity or vitality: swimming pool with underwater massage shower, hydro massage, aerobath, local jet shower, mud wrap.

jeudi, 27 juin 2013 10:56

Legs 6-day mini treatment programme


The 6-day treatment programme your legs have been waiting for

The phlébotonic , decongestive and sedative properties of the mineral water combined with special treatments to gently improve circulation in the veins: hydro massage, aerobath, walking corridor, spraying of limbs, full-body jet shower, local jet shower..

jeudi, 27 juin 2013 10:56

How to book

How to prepare your cure?

To reserve and to prepare your cure is very simple. It is enough to follow some following stages. If however you need help, do not hesitate to call us to 0811 90 22 33 *, we shall answer any question. (*prix of a local call)

jeudi, 27 juin 2013 10:56

My transport



Wherever from you come, Cars of the Orne is very easily accessible by the road. Since Paris, the train and the shuttles represent the means of the safest(surest) and most restful accesses..

jeudi, 27 juin 2013 10:56

My cover


How can I be refunded for my Thermal Treatment Programme (in France)?

For your thermal treatment programme to be covered by your health insurance provider, you'll just need to send them your « thermal treatment programme cover questionnaire » together with your income declaration form.

jeudi, 27 juin 2013 10:56

B'O cottage

BO cottage residence

 A delightful 4-star residence


In the Bagnoles architectural style, this new generation tourist residence maintains tradition for all tastes and for all the family, by combining the charm of Belle Époque buildings with the modernity of its time.

jeudi, 27 juin 2013 10:56

B'O résidence des thermes

BO Residence

3-Stars Résidence

At the heart of the thermal park, the 3-star tourist residence B’O Résidence des Thermes, currently being re-classified according to new standards, contains 163 apartments and studio flats with a view over the baths or over the forest.

jeudi, 27 juin 2013 10:56

B'O restaurant

BO Restaurant

Located opposite the treatment centre on the ground floor of the B'O Résidence des Thermes, the B'O Restaurant des Thermes is open to everyone, every day from Monday to Sunday. It also boasts a shady outdoor terrace, and a relaxation space with a tearoom and a bar.



Come and explore all of Bagnoles de l'Orne's cultural treasures: its "belle époque" architecture, its well-conserved natural setting, its cultural wealth... as well as regional points of interest!